Date & Time Stamp


UK format

Date & Time Stamp PC Application (all Windows versions supported)


Date & Time Stamp program for PC

  • For data logging (copies PC date & time to clipboard).
  • Paste copied date & time to text file (or any program that uses the clipboard text).
  • UK (British) & US (American) format supported (click button to change).
  • 8 different styles supported (click button to change, see below images to see all 8 styles).
  • Works on ALL versions of Windows.
  • Not for MAC (PC only)!!
  • 24hr clock format only!!

Screen shots…

[Click button next to “Copy” to toggle through each…]


UK format – DD-MM-YYYY   HH:MM:SS


UK format – HH:MM:SS   DDMM-YYYY




UK format – DD-MM-YYYY   HH:MM


UK format – HH:MM   DD-MM-YYYY


US format – MM-DD-YYYY   HH:MM:SS


US format- HH:MM:SS   MM-DD-YYYY


US format – MM-DD-YYYY   HH:MM


US format – HH:MM   MM-DD-YYYY


  • Once desired format is displayed, click “Copy” to copy to PC’s clipboard.
  • No need to highlight the desired text, just click “Copy”!!
  • Paste into any application that uses text from the PC’s clipboard.


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